SwitchLite Privacy Glass
Since the birth of glass, window treatments have been used to solve the seemingly impossible problem of balancing privacy with the unobstructed flow of light.

Blinds, curtains, shutters — all of them told prying eyes to “mind your own business.” But until SwitchLite Privacy Glass, these solutions were a compromise.

Now you can have the ultimate. All the light you could want but with total MYOB privacy at the flick of a switch. The secret is a Liquid Crystal sheet permanently bonded between two layers of glass.

Power on, and the glass is clear. Power off, and the glass goes translucent. Privacy at the speed of light. Finally.

The secret of the transformation between clear glass and translucent glass is found in the Liquid Crystal sheet. In their non-energized state, the Liquid Crystal molecules disperse light. When voltage is applied, however, these same molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction in a way that permits parallel light to pass through the glass.

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